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Our street department continues to improve our streets in town as revenue permits. 
We've continued to make progress in improving the number one cause of street deterioration; poor drainage of roadbed.  While working to clear ditches, culverts, and waterways is less glamorous than laying down new pavement, it will go along way to lengthen the life of our roads and prevent the decay caused by poor drainage combined with freezing conditions. 
The goal is for each street to have a proper crown and proper drainage so that the underlayment of the road doesn't hold water.  Once the material beneath the streets is dry, freezing conditions won't cause as much pavement break-up and deterioration.  This is a case of fixing the problem right once, rather than to have to keep going back and resurfacing poorly drained streets that break up as soon as the water trapped beneath them freezes and expands.
If you notice an area where water doesn't drain as good as it should, contact our Street department and we'll check into the problem. 
As a community we continue to weigh the competing issues concerning moderate taxation vs. superior street repair and have determined that most folks prefer to pay less in taxes than to have picture perfect streets.